As your ideal Air Freight Forwarder, we provide customized and economical Air Freight services to accommodate time critical shipments, whether domestic or international. These includes air consolidation, door to airports or vice versa delivery services.


Lam Phu Gia Ltd have a large network of partners which can help you to arrange the best deals for the fastest route in the shortest amount of time across the globe


As an air freight broker, we are able to wrap all the logistics together for you at the best deal and combine all the cost. This saves you time and money to work on your organization’s main activitites.


For international shipments, especially in the context of Lam Phu Gia, we will ensure that the goods on board are insured to reduce financial risks.


All shipments handled by us, will be tracked. The Progress of your shipments will be easily tracked by our Lam Phu Gia online tracking system or either my our partner’s own online tracking system.

At Lam Phu Gia Ltd, our customers are our priority, we are meticulous and dedicated to tailor our services in accordance to the needs of our customers. We strive to be your ideal provider for your one-stop solution in logistic freight services to ensure that your goods are delivered to their destinations seamlessly and safely.