As a customs bonded carrier in Vietnam, any Air, Ocean and Border shipments arriving into Vietnam can be arranged by our delicated customs consultants who are experts in handling current customs procedures, customs clearance and quarantine inspection requirements.

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the frequency of influx of imports and exports becomes increasingly high with each year. Thus certain policies and rules are made as a check and balance to these goods by the customs of each country.

However, sometimes due to all the clearances, declarations and the immense amounts of red-tapes to be filled in can be overly tedious and complicated. This would very much slow down your process of delivering your goods across the globe on time, adversely affecting your business. Hence a good solution would be to engage a team of experienced customs brokers and entry writers who are well versed in tariff and custom laws to help you achieve your business’s service excellence.


When your goods are require to have clearance from the relevant agencies before entering the country. We are here to ensure that all your goods meet all rules and regulations before being allowed into the country.


Before sending your goods across the borders be it by sea, land or air, you would expect to fill in tons of documents. Hence as a customs bonded clearance broker, we will be more than experienced to fill in these data on time and ensure that these information gets to all Customs and Border Protection agency in time.


If the net worth or value of all your goods are higher than a certain value, you will need a customs broker to be your guarantor. This is to ensure that all taxes, duties and other miscellaneous fees will be paid on time to the government. Hence, a custom clearance service provider can secure your transaction with a broker’s bond thus speeding up the customs clearance process.


By engaging a custom clearance agency, our experts can aid you in seeking a binding classification ruling for your goods which is a very complicated process. In other words, it means to ensure that your goods are ruled as a specific tariff classification. This results in the same duty rates being applied to your goods, regardless on which port of entry you choose to use. This will not only free you of lots of hassle, it also enables you to project long-term costs more easily.


The cost of engaging us as your custom clearance provider, the services you are paying for can be lesser than the extra money you have unnecessarily spent on taxes or import/export fees that can be avoided. Also, our custom brokers will cut any unnecessary costs you might come across if you should choose to handle on your own.


Constantly worrying about getting your goods across the customs requires a large amount of time, costing you precious time away from your core business operations. By using our customs clearance services, the hassles of paperwork and procedures will be well taken care of, allowing you to focus on your main activities.

At the same time as our agents are experts in the paperwork and stresses of the customs, your clearance processes will be greatly shortened. This would allow your goods to transit more smoothly and swiftly, reaching your customers even faster, giving you an extra edge in the market.


As experts and veterans in the field of customs clearance, Lam Phu Gia Ltd do have rich experiences and knowledge which we can offer. We offer useful advice on taxes, tariffs, duties and other miscellaneous fees, along with the latest updates so that you can plan your shipments more efficiently. We can also advice you on whether you meet all the regulations and the appropriate changes to be made if otherwise.