Delivering total client satisfaction as a one-stop solutions provider for all your logistic needs.


Established in 2006, Lam Phu Gia Ltd is a Vietnam-based, dedicated freight forwarder company with a global outlook.

Lam Phu Gia Ltd prides itself in being a comprehensive one-stop freight shipping services provider – offering an extensive and innovative suite of services including container trucking, chartering, trans-shipment, pick and pack warehousing, logistic freight services and more. We believe in being part of a value added supply chain to achieve total cost savings for companies.

Centrally located at one of the Vietnam most efficient trans-shipment hubs with free-trade zone benefits, Lam Phu Gia Ltd has successfully serviced a multitude of clients and each of their unique shipping needs including Cargo, Oil & Gas, Machinery & Equipment as well as Ship Spares.

Supported by an extensive and established agency network worldwide, Lam Phu Gia Ltd has become a renowned specialist in consolidation services, ready to solve all your multi-channel logistic requirements.

At Lam Phu Gia Ltd, customer satisfaction is our top most priority, and the driving force behind our operations. Our Personal LPG Consultant provides a single point of contact so you are assured of service excellence from the team, every step of the way.

Lam Phu Gia Ltd is accredited with ISO, VLA and CPAT .


Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind Lam Phu Gia Ltd, and we pride ourselves on high levels of personal attention and service excellence to ensure that your goods gets shipped smoothly and promptly where you want it, when you want it. Our customers’ peace of mind is our greatest priority – we worry so that our customers don’t have to. At Lam Phu Gia Ltd, we are dedicated to not just meeting your expectations … but exceeding them.